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Golf Tips

Looking for some golf tips? Welcome to Gwen Miller’s Golf Tips collected over many years from her personal experiences as a golf professional. Gwen Miller has also authored several in-depth articles on key subjects of interest to golfers.

Gwen Miller’s Golf Tip of the Week

How to Add Yards to Your Drives

Distance – every amateur’s dream. Adding yards to your drives comes from using different parts of your body to create speed in the club head:

  • The grip must be in your fingers, not the palm.
  • Your stance should be wide with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • The plane of your swing must be around your body, with the club coming from the inside for impact.

An around-the-body swing is helped by a right-to-left (for right-handed players) weight shift, which in turn creates the release from the inside. And the club coming from the inside to impact creates maximum speed and distance.

Toss That Ball!

1. Most women’s strength lies in their hips and legs, therefore it is easy to believe that we have to hit the ball with our lower bodies. On the contrary, good golf shots result from proper arm and hand action, which allow the lower body to respond as it should.

2. The simple action of throwing a ball illustrates the concept. The throwing arm swings back and cocks, then swings down along the target line, uncocking and rotating to a finish position.


Proper Backswing


1. If you allow the hands to naturally start the backswing motion, you will notice that the right hip begins to turn as the hands pass the right foot.

2. The right arm then folds to form a 90 degree angle. Now proper uncocking of the hands and forearms can occur down to the ball.

3. The thumbs of both hands will point on a diagonal line down to and past the ball. This action allows the left hip to clear out of the way so the arms can fold to a finish position.

Proper Rotation of Right Arm over Left

1. Most women try to lift the ball to get to the finish position, keeping the right arm under left rather than rotated over. Compare the proper arm and hand action in the golf swing to a baseball swing. All good homerun hitters rotate the forearms and this action allows the lower body to be pulled forward so that the weight is transferred to the forward foot.

2. The forearms rotate right over left for the right handed player through impact position to follow through and fold to the finish. This rotation STARTS from the top of the swing and continues through the hitting area gradually, as the baseball player swings the bat from a behind the head batter up position.


Proper Stance and Posture


1. Proper stance begins with a bend from the hips never the waist. As a result the hips are out behind you and the knees naturally relax.

2.The spine is tilted approximately 20 degrees, knees are over the toes, feet are hip width apart.