Resort History

The Crowne Plaza Tennis and Golf Resort’s 125 acres has a rich history dating as far back as the Pre-Civil War Era. A large portion of the property was comprised of land owned by the family of Colonel George Wesley Clayton who led over 400 Confederate soldiers to victory during the “Battle of Asheville” on April 6, 1865, only 3 days before the surrender and the end of the war. Colonel Clayton passed away on February 22, 1898 and was buried in the family cemetery that still exists on the Crowne Plaza’s property. Recently in May, 2010, a rededication of the grave site occurred where reenactment soldiers gave a eulogy and full honors in memory of Col. Clayton.

Through the years, the remainder of the property consisted of a neighborhood in West Asheville up until the 1970’s when Mr. Wayne Kinser had a vision of building a hotel and resort a mile from downtown. He gradually purchased nearly 125 acres from individual home and land owners. In 1974, the hotel was completed and opened under a different brand name. In 2005, the flag changed to the Intercontinental Hotel Group’s Crowne Plaza brand. Over the last 5 years, the hotel’s guest rooms, public space, golf course, and the fitness complex have been upgraded. In September, 2009, the hotel’s “Asheville Racquet Club – Downtown” opened with 20 indoor and outdoor tennis courts, an outdoor pool with covered pavilion and an 8,500 square foot fitness and wellness center opened in October 2010 along with a spinning room, aerobics room, and childcare area. In the Winter of 2011, the club’s services expanded to include the Adelaide Spa, and an indoor saline pool.  Also from 2011 – 2013, new outdoor amenities were added such as Asheville Zipline Canopy Adventures, Asheville Treetops Adventure Park and Kolo Bike Park, giving the resort’s guests an unlimited amount of outdoor adventure activities to keep them busy during their stay.